Color, color everywhere: Pantone’s Ubiquity

April 24, 2012color, ideas, offset printing

As a graphic designer, I’ve always been a devotee of Pantone’s color matching system. Without the universal standard, pressmen would be busily mixing ink trying to match paint chips from the hardware store.  The big change now is, you are very likely to find your paint color was researched, named, or “inspired by” Pantone. Or … Read More

When Color Goes Wrong, Who Should You Blame?

April 13, 2012color, ideas, offset printing

Who is responsible when color goes wrong? I, like you, have ordered printing.  I have ordered it online, over the phone, by email, and in person.  I have also designed pieces that needed to be printed, and worked behind the scenes preflighting, plating and proofing jobs on press in an actual print shop, the smell … Read More