We’re BAD.

May 12, 2015Projects

Noumenon Designs has been a motorcycle. A one man vehicle.  Martin Nibali has been doing freelance design under this name since 1997.  In August, “we” plan to put the final brass brad in the upholstery in our new hot rod.  We’ve been retooling through the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Business of Art and Design Masters … Read More

Iterate Everything

April 15, 2015design thinking, ideas

Design Thinking, like the scientific method, is a systematic structure for tackling a problem.  Science addresses finding truths.  Design Thinking finds solutions to problems.  In theory, the process cane applied to ANY problem.  The process includes 5 major steps: Observe. Identify Patterns Apply Design Principles Prototype. Iterate. The 5 steps are misleading.  The first three … Read More

Private Printer Poll

March 31, 2015offset printing, Uncategorized

Do you want your designer to deal with the printer?

Augmented Reality

April 30, 2013ideas, offset printing, web

I saw my paper vendor today, and he asked me if I had seen “augmented reality”. I thought he was making psychedelic jokes at the longhair’s expense. But then we start talking about Google Glass and the way mobile devices have transformed  the way people interact with their environment. Directions, restaurant reviews, traffic, everything’s in … Read More

Do it yourself design

May 8, 2012ideas, offset printing, Projects, web

You don’t need a photographer, you’ve got instagram on your phone. Time was, you needed specialists to do things like crop your photos and build banners for your website.  Software is expensive, processing power used to be, and Photoshop was once a head scratcher for most people.  These days you can’t find a resume that … Read More

Color, color everywhere: Pantone’s Ubiquity

April 24, 2012color, ideas, offset printing

As a graphic designer, I’ve always been a devotee of Pantone’s color matching system. Without the universal standard, pressmen would be busily mixing ink trying to match paint chips from the hardware store.  The big change now is, you are very likely to find your paint color was researched, named, or “inspired by” Pantone. Or … Read More

When Color Goes Wrong, Who Should You Blame?

April 13, 2012color, ideas, offset printing

Who is responsible when color goes wrong? I, like you, have ordered printing.  I have ordered it online, over the phone, by email, and in person.  I have also designed pieces that needed to be printed, and worked behind the scenes preflighting, plating and proofing jobs on press in an actual print shop, the smell … Read More

Howard Theatre Rebirth

April 9, 2012Events, Partners, Places, Projects

Genuinely excited about the relaunch of the Howard Theatre in DC.  The official ribbon cutting is today.  The facade is beautiful in all its 1910 glory, but the inside is thoroughly modern.  The place that originated Amateur Night before the Apollo made it famous.  Wale plays tonight, but we are all really excited around here … Read More

Rereading Media Visionaries

March 13, 2012ideas, Projects

I was introduced to Marshall McLuhan’s writings in college at Marymount Manhattan, and I was an art student trying to bridge the gap to technology: threading words into paint, editing video in a very early Adobe Premier, projecting slides over wireframe sculpture.  I think New York does that to you.  The synaesthesia effect.  So many … Read More