Noumenon Designs has been a motorcycle.

A one man vehicle.  Martin Nibali has been doing freelance design under this name since 1997.  In August, “we” plan to put the final brass brad in the upholstery in our new hot rod.  We’ve been retooling through the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Business of Art and Design Masters of Professional Studies degree. (whew!) That’s MICA’s MPS BAD.

The intention of this reinvention is to grow, to broaden out to include more talented folks under the Noumenon umbrella. But, it’s also to narrow, as in our focus.  We want to tailor our design practice to serve the Greater Baltimore non-profit community.  If you are a fan of our work, do us a favor, and spread the word.  We want to talk to members of the non-profit community as we complete our plans.

What can we do for you?  You’re special.  What do you need?


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